Dissertation Title: "A Multivariate Bayesian Approach to Modeling Vulnerability Discovery in the Software Security Lifecycle"

Dissertation presentation is available here.

Paper I Working Title: "Bayesian-Model Averaging Using MCMCBayes for Web-Browser Vulnerability Discovery"

Paper II Working Title: "Multivariate Models Using MCMCBayes for Web-Browser Vulnerability Discovery"

MCMCBayes framework: MCMCBAYES is a readily extensible, open-source, object-oriented software library supporting Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) based Bayesian analyses using MATLAB. It was initially written to assist in the evaluation of several popular fault counting models applied to modeling software vulnerability discovery counts (Vulnerability Discovery Models, or VDMs).  Documentation is here.

IDOESE'13 paper Title:  "Predicting Post-Release Software Security Fault Discovery Using Expert Judgment Elicitation and Bayesian Computed Effort-Dependent Models"

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