Reuben Johnston has worked professionally in various embedded electronics and software engineering positions since 2000.  Presently, he is working as a researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in the Space Exploration Sector, and lecturing part-time at the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute.  Reuben was previously employed by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).  Prior to working for SAIC, Reuben worked for the U.S. Department of Defense and also moonlighted part-time as a consultant with Key Technologies, Inc.  Reuben attended George Washington University and earned doctoral and master’s degrees in systems engineering.  For his undergraduate education, Reuben attended Lamar University, on multiple academic scholarships, and earned dual bachelor degrees in electrical engineering and computer science.

For academic related correspondence, please use "reub [at] jhu [dot] edu".  For any other correspondence, please use "REuben [at] REubenjohnston [dot] com".